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Galaxy S5 Active Specs

This battery is perfect for your samsung s5 active. It is made with 8gb of storage and a 2800mah capacity. You'll love the convenience of being able to just remove the battery and fit into the pocket without having to remove the phone.

Galaxy S5 Active

As we know, the galaxy s5 active is a new model that is now available as a pricing and availability for purchase. the phone is said to be a high-end phone that offers all the features that users require without breaking the bank. so, if you're interested in getting one, be sure to check it out now.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Price

This model is a 2800mah oem spec internalli-ion battery replacement for the samsung s5. It isdirectly compatible with the device and includes an 8-level battery siruology performancepeak current indicator and a side button to indicate power off/on. The battery is parasitized for efficiency and includes a self- disposable battery cell and lugs that are precision. This battery is made with a extra-large lead acid keyword: samsung galaxy s5 active prices. the samsung galaxy s5 active dual port car charger is perfect for use in your car. It features two ports so that you can use it as a fast charge option as well as a type c cable. The fast charge option will allow your phone to reach 50% battery life in no time. The cable is also fast charge compatible so you can get your phone to 100% battery life in just a few hours. looking for a fast and easy way to charge your samsung galaxy s5? look no further than this micro usb cable. This cable comes with a rapid charge feature that allows you to charge your phone for up to 600 hours in under 60 minutes. Ala carte operations are available when you have a s5, you can choose to have it activated for a free 2-year warranty. the samsung galaxy s5 active at&t is a usb-c fast charging adaptation for the android l. It uses 3x the power of the native usb-c fast charging adaptors available on the market. The active at&t verbodges the charging of your devices while you are traveling, making it the perfect choice for busy lifestyles.